Friday the 13th Trivia Answers

1. Kevin Bacon. Well of course he did. Isn’t he in every movie ever made?

2. There have been 12 films in the franchise, leaving the producers perfectly set up to release the definitive Friday the 13th, Part 13.

3. Part 4. That’s right, somehow there have been 8 films since Corey Feldman “finally” killed Jason in 1984.

4. Yep, Corey Feldman played Tommy Jarvis in “The Final Chapter”. He did not return to play the role in “A New Beginning” however.

5. Jason does not don his iconic hockey mask until Part 3. He’s barely even in Part 1 and he wears a sack over his head in Part 2.

ooo scary

6. Jason’s mother is the killer in Part 1 and copycat psychopath Roy Burns is the killer behind the hockey mask in “A New Beginning”. Roy proved to be far more mortal than Jason.

7. Freddy vs. Jason. I find they way the two mythologies are combined and explained to be very well done. The film itself is an action movie, not a horror movie, because when Freddy and Jason square off, there are no stakes because neither can really die. Still, it’s a highly satisfying action film.

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